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OKAY it is time to admit it.

I don't keep up with my flist very well at its current size! So I have not been friending people back. It's nothing personal, my flist is just of sufficient size, and I don't want it to get much bigger. So, pretty much, I am friends-only without a lot of friending-back happening. If I know you from RL or somewhere, leave a comment with who you are/where we've met and I will do my best.

You can get my all my fanfic at longsufferingly.
All out of bubblegum.

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Hey all, I'm safe. I was at work and nowhere very near the marathon, and now I am at home with my brother and cats, who are also safe.

well, FINE

So I was going to do this post with a nice shiny NaNo winning image, but I guess you aren't allowed to win until November 25th? FINE, NANO, I SEE HOW IT IS, I WILL NOT USE A GRAPHIC.

Anyway, I owe a great debt of gratitude to Amtrak, whose Boston-to-Pittsfield train does not have WiFi, because I not only won NaNo, I actually finished my novel! I know I thought I would not be able to wrap it up, but it felt natural, and, idk. Obviously it still needs TONS OF WORK to be readable to anyone because this is 101,000 words that was written in a total of under 50 days, so, yeah. WHO KNOWS WHAT I WILL DO WITH IT. The important thing is I'm a winner. But not officially until November 25.

51300 / 50000

(Total novel: 101,439 words.)


Hey guys, I finally read Gunnerkrigg Court last week, and I want to remember to keep up with it! Does anyone know if there's a LJ comm or similar with posts? I guess a tumblr would work too.

Also, I am sick :( It is no fun. Hope everyone else's September involves less snot than mine.

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If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.

— Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do you immediately look for?

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1. I AM DONE WITH GRAD SCHOOL, WOO! Now I just need to pack so I can move back to Boston in a week. Pshaw, whatever, packing. There are fake animals I need to tend to! I have been neglecting them!
2. My dad has been self-publishing novels on Kindle, and he asked me to pimp them on my blog for him. Because he is a supportive father who reads my blog. So! You should take a gander at Nothing Matters: A Philosophical Romance and Revenge. He's a cool dude. He does cool stuff.
3. One of the cool things he's doing is going to pick up my new kitty today! I'm so excited. Nike seems less so, but it's so hot she doesn't want to move, so who knows.
4. I went to get milk at 9 a.m. this morning and the heat index was already at 104. Fuck you, weather.

a few general things

1. I've been following Shakesville's coverage of Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, and public pressure to go on a date with a Marine who asked her out on YouTube, and I find the coverage of it really icky. If Kunis wants to do this, that's great and more power to her, but I find the reporting on it really icky. The most succinct example of UGH NO BAD REPORTERS is over at Salon, where we have Lucky Marine scores date with Mila Kunis followed by Justin Timberlake asked out by YouTube Marine. Even the headlines gross me out a little, because in the second one you've got incredibly awkward passive voice (with no use of the verb "to be," somehow) to keep the (female) Marine from getting to be the subject and active party, and in the first it's all about the lucky (male) Marine who's going on a date.

First article: As sweet as I'm sure Kunis is, I really have to give credit to J.T. for not letting anyone brush off the question and essentially forcing Mila to make a public statement. He is like the world's best wingman. [emphasis mine]

Second article: Justin had better be ready to put his money where his mouth is, because Cpl. Kelsey De Santis, currently the only female serving at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence at Marine Corps Base Quantico, has made a video for J.T.

There's no gracious way for Justin to bow out of going to the ball with De Santis after promising Mila to another Marine.
[emphasis mine]

I really wanted to read these as some kind of criticism of Justin Timberlake's actions (because, honestly, just looking at them they seem like they're calling him out for being a dick), but after reading both articles, I couldn't come away with the sense that the author felt J.T. was acting wrongly. Also, why would he want to "bow out" of going to the ball? Isn't it awesome? Doesn't he have to do this for his country? I thought it was supposed to be something awesome he wanted to do for his country. I like how it's somehow come around to Justin Timberlake being pressured to say yes to something he might not want to do, which is terrible, because he was just trying to help a bro out! By pressuring Mila Kunis to say yes to something she might not want to do.


2. I find myself also grossed out by how Google is talking about the Google+ Psuedonym policy, mostly because they seem to be couching it entirely in terms of "this is for your own good!" Like they are there to teach me how I want to use the internet. If I am indeed using Google+ for making contact with real life people I know in the real world, then I want to associate it with my real name. Given the e-mail I am using for Google+ right now is my dedicated personal e-mail, which I use to contact people I would not mind finding out about my fannish activities, that is not what I am looking for! I am signed up using the name I go by in these circles (and, in fact, the name my parents and brother call me), and am completely recognizable to the people I want to recognize me (and some I don't, but whatever, internet!).

I know how I want to use your service, Google+ (in as much as I want to use it, which is not that much! I'm mostly just always curious about these things). You do not actually know what is best for me, so stop couching things in terms of what I will benefit from most. It's what you want. Own it.