it's like god spilled a person (poor_choices) wrote,
it's like god spilled a person

well, FINE

So I was going to do this post with a nice shiny NaNo winning image, but I guess you aren't allowed to win until November 25th? FINE, NANO, I SEE HOW IT IS, I WILL NOT USE A GRAPHIC.

Anyway, I owe a great debt of gratitude to Amtrak, whose Boston-to-Pittsfield train does not have WiFi, because I not only won NaNo, I actually finished my novel! I know I thought I would not be able to wrap it up, but it felt natural, and, idk. Obviously it still needs TONS OF WORK to be readable to anyone because this is 101,000 words that was written in a total of under 50 days, so, yeah. WHO KNOWS WHAT I WILL DO WITH IT. The important thing is I'm a winner. But not officially until November 25.

51300 / 50000

(Total novel: 101,439 words.)
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