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I went alone and you found me

Here with my ghosts all around me

it's like god spilled a person
26 April

fanfic @ longsufferingly
original fic @ quaverly

Mood theme by speakfree and aredhell, except for the occasional fat pony. Which I added. Because sometimes, you need to be a fat pony.
30 rock, a.e. housman, aldis hodge, ando/hiro, angsting on the roof, anime, anne of green gables, arrested development, autumn, babylon 5, batman, beauty and the beast, bob dylan, bones, booth, boy meets world, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, c-3po/r2-d2, card captor sakura, chase/gert, chash's mom, clamp, clover, containing multitudes, creative writing, danneel harris, destroying my childhood, dominic monaghan, dylan/jez, empire records, envy is the lake, eriol/tomoyo, escaflowne, et in arcadia ego, fan fiction, final fantasy, freya/amarant, friday night lights, fruits basket, gargoyles, geeks, going to hell, good omens, gross ugly, hanazakari no kimitachi e, harry potter, hating aeneas, higgins/pickering, hobbits, i capture the castle, i think it is racism!!!, italo calvino, jared padalecki, jared padalecki's face, jared padalecki: pirate hooker, jensen ackles, jonny quest, kate beaton, katy/jamie tinhattery, kon/buffy, leverage, live action sailor moon, liz lemon, lord of the rings, lumiere/cogsworth, mandibles, mars/venus, merry/pippin, mi dulce, miyazaki, mr. feeny, my mom, neil gaiman, nix's love is christopher walken, no not-jumping, nostalgia trips, not thinking about incest, party van's outside, pastede on yay, penny arcade, pie, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, princess tutu, psych, randwise gamgee, rei/minako, revolutionary girl utena, rum, runaways, sakamoto maaya, sam winchester, sarah mclachlan, scrabulous, shamanic princess, shining things, shiny things, shooting fish, slash, sleep, sodomy, spitz, supernatural, swarley, the bad cult, the cock, the concubine's revenge, the hot/crazy scale, the lash, the sex buggy, the sex car, the sunlit garden, theseus/pirithous, tom stoppard, tom welling dog mpreg, tomoyo/her own happiness, tomoyo/meiling, van-sama, veronica mars, waughn, weird ships, wet asphalt, what happened to andre?, wheat tea, whee, wiifit is judging me, williams college, winchester, writing, wufei, xander/anya, yoko kanno, young adult fiction, young justice, your mom, 幸せ